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  3. Super helpful even I can learn a few things from this
  4. yo, i love this... if you are a new clanner this will fully benefit you. @everyone
  5. dutch people are annoying

  6. We are 1-5 defence @David Icke feel free to join the discord. Just Google it, download it, register a name on it and post it here for us to add you on discord located at the bottom left corner. Talk to you soon hopefully
  7. @David Icke Join the discord! https://discord.gg/sthzmH3
  8. Damn... You should still come hangout with us on discord. We can give you access to a 1 def pure for the wars and u can use that account for unofficial stuff.
  9. Just logged in yesterday and was hacked for 30 def and like 200m. Don't care about the gp but a clan must've hacked me. Is this 1-30 or 1-20? Because I was considering going zerk on the account ( 99 str, range 95 mage 96hp ) but since SF has re oponed if im abe to join with 30 defi ll just keep it as a clanning acc EDIT:: JUST seen 1-20, such a shame ey. well i'll still be active on the forum
  10. Fratty


    Damn congratz!
  11. Sizzor


  12. welcome, Although you may try to be a lot more specific as to who you are :p
  13. We have discord, add: control_pker#4505, if you need help pm "sf sensei" ingame today
  14. Sup special forces Gimmi your ts Mikey
  15. I think it would be dope. Just adventure around on some dope graphics then switch back to basic for wars or what not. Also would love to see an influx of new players
  16. Check the signups on discord!

  17. Thats crazy! Gratz man, easy money.
  18. Hi Edjez, Thank you for your donation 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums, discord and putting the money towards the clan in other ways! Thanks Special Forces
  19. New sign ups

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