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    Special Forces Official Ranking System Lots of people do ask from time to time how to become a higher rank in the clan and i hope this post answers all those questions! to No rank to [2 Bananas in cc] When a person first joins our clan and discord they're automatically given "guest" which is also known in our discord as "unverified". In order for that person to join the clan there is a 6 Questionnaire that they will have to copy and fill out in order for our rank team to properly give them all the ranks they need if all the questions are completed. Failure in not answering all 6 questions will result in not being able to view the discord further. to [2 Bananas in cc] to [3 Bananas in cc] When a "unverified" person completes all 6 questions they will automatically be given "applicant" rank. This rank allows a person to view all the channels in our discord besides some that may need a special rank such as "ancient mace" or other ranks we may only have for certain channels. In order for an Applicant to advance there rank in the clan they must provide a 20+ p2p return set picture to the ranks on discord in a private message showing that they have the gear to come to wars in SF and have ALL the stat requirements listed in the "book of clan knowledge" post. Applicants who DO NOT show the ranks their p2p sets BEFORE or PRESENTLY at the war will result in not being able to go to any war with the clan. [Note: If you have any question pm a high ranking member on discord] [Bronze star in cc] Anyone who's been apart of SF from the year 2016 till Present is automatically given this rank. No questions asked these are our fellow Senior members who've been around for a long time at some point. Only people from the old leadership of SF will deal with these players. to [3 Bananas in cc] to [Bronze star in cc] When you're accepted as an applicant (recruit) you will be given the member rank status on discord with full access to channels that require it. At this point, you have proven that you're worthy to the clan, you're training your stats to become better and now you must prove yourself to us in In order to advance to the next rank. This is the highest rank you can get in SF unless you want to become a high rank, therefore you must meet all ALL the requirements before you're considered for this rank. Those requirements are: be between 1-5 defence, have 1 90 stat in either strength or range with 94 magic, be quested out as a pure [DT completed only], be 43 prayer or higher, have been an active participant in the clan during wilderness wars and events in general, be voted in by the high ranks of the clan based on activity and attitude, must be brid verfiied [!bridverified command on discord to know) and Must have shown the high ranks of the clan your 20+ p2p return sets for your set role in a war. (Note: Each month, at a random time you will be asked by a high rank to show your 20+ p2p return sets. You must attain 20+ return sets at all times in order to keep your rank so please be aware of this. Failure to not pass the 20+ return set check in will result in not being able to attend wars or ANY pk trips until you have shown the sets). [Note: If you have any question pm a high ranking member on discord] [Silver Star] When you're given the "experienced" rank you will have the opportunity to move up into the clan's leadership rankings. In order to get a shot at becoming an elite, you must talk to Control Pker on discord only in order to be considered. [Silver or Gold star] A rank of Special forces who goes inactive from the game but comes around here and there. Private Private Private Private Book of clan knowledge post below
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    "Control once took me under his wing a year ago as a young buck, and has turned me into a clanner that is 10x better than he will ever be. "
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