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  1. Very good plugins, only thing Exilent has over OpenOSRS is that you can get screenies of people getting hitsplat for maximum damage
  2. We are back in this mf 

  3. Is it me or did Doom cast you all out like stowaways again?

    1. Salvo


      If anything alot of guys in SF just weren't interested in doom from the gecko. No ones being cast away.

    2. 2ndch4nce


      Tbf, a lot of that non interest was because Doom doesn't have as great of a community as us, not that me typing this is helping that, but going from SF, which had one of the best communities, to a clan who is building their community was a big shift. But nah, I don't think anyone is being 'cast away', if anything it's kinda a joke how we have 4 people from SF who are ranks in Doom, one being Control, and the rest of them are CD/Doom guys. So in that regard, the CD/Doom guys were 'IN' the clique much easier than SF guys were, which again, is partially Control's doing as he was in charge of assigning ranks to former SF members.

    3. seabees


      You could tell doom sucked from the beginning.

  4. War today at 5:30 Est. Good luck, as I can't make it

  5. The episode before had him really looking like super buu xD
  6. I decided to edit the last episode of Dragonball Super...
  7. I'm gonna be gone over the weekend and possible into next week boys, I'll be gone for easter! Have fun pking plebs

  8. I personally think Jagex is going to buff them now because of this. It's the only way to stop their closure!
  9. Hazard Ryuusei

    At it AGAIN

    https://soundcloud.com/biohazard434/hazard-no-heart-freestyle I WANT YOU TO BLAST THIS ON THE OFFICIAL TRIP
  10. No, I believe it is this https://soundcloud.com/biohazard434/hazard-no-heart-freestyle
  11. 10 days left until Hazard starts carrying SF

  12. And it couldn't be any more FIRE https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0xkdvf95vvsid6/Future%20-%20Mask%20Off%20ft.%20Ryuusei.mp3?dl=0
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