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  1. We NEED to stay in touch SF is my second family best time I've ever had playing this game without a doubt.
  2. I'll add these to the guide later thanks Book of War is definitely better than Unholy Book IF it gives you an extra max hit at your strength level.
  3. Ammonite Crabs are hands down the best npc to afk on pures at the moment. FYI anything underlined in this post brings you to the related Wiki Page if you want more info on something. I. Info about the crabs Here's a comparison between Sand Crabs and Ammonite Crabs Their stats almost exactly the same except for HP 60 vs 100 Sand Crabs have some 4-spawn locations (4 x 60) = 240 HP to train on. Ammonite Crabs have some 3-spawn locations (3 x 100) = 300 HP to train on. Another benefit is that since there are only 3 crabs per spawn you will be tanking less crabs than at the Sand Crab 4 spawns. This means you take less damage overall and can stay longer than at Sand Crabs. II. Requirements Bone Voyage QuestMust have sailed to Zeah at least once (if you were training at sand crabs that is already done) Dig Site Quest10 Agility 10 Herblore 25 Thieving 100 Kudos III. How to Get to Fossil Island When getting your kudos you should find the "clean necklace" if you turn this in to the archaeologists you unlock the ability to make the Digsite pendant which has (5) charges. Simply buy some Ruby Necklaces and cast "Lvl-3 Enchant" on it to make the Digsite pendants. When you rub this it brings you to the barge that takes you to fossil island. There are 4 3-spawns on the island that I know of they are marked on the map below in purple. These crabs have a larger agro radius than rock/sand crabs so it can be hard to see exactly where to stand, use these pictures to see where to stand. IV. Bonus Info Rock Crabs / Sand Crabs / Ammonite Crabs all attack with crush. Having as high as possible crush defense will help you stay longer without needing to eat as often. Helpful Melee Tops Varrock Armor 1 Castle Wars Top Iron Chainbody Iron Platebody > > > Helpful Melee Helms Castle Wars Halo Bearhead Coif Iron Fullhelm > > > Helpful Shield Slots Unholy Book Book of War Iron Kite shield =* > * - Book of war is only better when the +2 Str bonus gives you an extra max hit. I recommend checking your max hit at either a POH combat dummy or using a max hit calc. I hope this was helpful if you want me to add something or remove something let me know
  4. @@2ndch4nce its a possibility the reason i didnt add it was because it has zero defense bonus. But in hindsight its probably better than glory.
  5. I can't think of anything else to add. If anyone has any suggestions I'f love to hear them.
  6. I'm stuck in the past when we were purple hats... oops
  7. This whole post will be a work in progress for a while but i want to add things to this for new guys to look over and see. There's a lot of things to know when doing minis/preps. I'll try to add as much info here as i can.
  8. This is the best N-ranging setup If you can't afford or equip the best of the best use the picture below to figure out what you should use instead. This is the best Maging setup If you cant afford the best of the best use the picture below to figure out what you should use instead.
  9. fuck war. I'm really sorry for your loss man
  10. Saw this on Reddit and thought it was a simple and effective way to see what you need to know for pure quests
  11. lmfao the other dudes carrying on with business as usual as they brawl on the floor
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