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  1. nice guide did not know that much about aggro mechanics. Interesting
  2. Download Link https://openosrs.com/home War Calling Indicators This plugin will show your caller on the minimap, and you can add "targets" these will appear in a different color. Just add the RSNs into the box. Clan Man Mode Will highlight your clan members Freeze Timers You will now know when you are unfrozen and able move again. Multi Lines This plugin will show you the multi lines, really helpful in fights. Wild Locations With this plugin you can set a hotkey, to send your cc with a button. Let your clanmates know where you are! Whale Watchers This plugin will help you alot in fights, when your pneck breaks, you will hear a sound. And will notice you to protect item in the wilderness. Also give warnings if your glory is out of charge. Player Indicators This one is very important else you will see your clan members everywhere on your screen. Make sure to check uncheck the highlighting! PVP Tools RunelitePlus has a PvP feature, to hide the attack option as left click. So you won't be attacking your teammates. Spellbook RunelitePlus has a plugin to make your spells bigger, this comes quite handy in fights
  3. Good performance at that prep today! Keep training!

  4. I was suiciding at olm to keep mark alive since we forgot water pouch, but i got it in my name with 2k points lmfao
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