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  1. Fratty

    5 KC

    dang didn't realize dragon pick was that much. Gratz!
  2. i didn't know people still played that
  3. Randomly found this spanish song while browsing spotify. Turns out to be pretty fire.
  4. Fratty

    irl friends music video

    pretty dope song. vid couldve been better tho
  5. The fuck did I just watch
  6. I do that all the time when I want something to instabuy that's cheap af. Guess I should stop doing that or I'll end up like that guy lol
  7. or you can buy amazon echo for 1/10th of the price that does the exact same thing
  8. Fratty

    You tell me.

    i jammed to this song right before he blew up
  9. Fratty

    Song to Rage to

    Saw this guy live at a casino night club a few months back. it was lit af
  10. Fratty

    Chill Song

    im always down for new chill songs
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