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  1. In this guide, The pictures you will be seeing are pictures of what our gear setups will look like at every trip/war. If we pull 15 or more to our wilderness trip/war we will always be in Team 10 cape and Pink hat at all times. If you die, you will be expected to be one of these gear setups and you must come back to the fight as fast you can! WE DON'T NEED SLACKERS! Part 1: Wilderness Gear Setup for Mager: In this gear setup we have the following items: Pink hat/team 10 cape, Amulet of glory ( necklace), Ghostly robe bottom and top, Holy book (zamorak), Dragon stone bolts (e) (ammo slot), climbing boots, mithril gloves and recoil (ring slot). In the inventory we have a rune crossbow, dragon scimitar (must complete monkey madness to use), dragon dagger p++ ( must have lost city quest completed), black d'hide chaps, manta ray (food source), Saradomin brews ( yellow potions), Super restore potions (pink potions), Death/water/blood runes ( for blitz or barrage freezes), Ranging potion (blue potion), Super combat potion (green potion for best melee pots) and anti-venom potion (best anti-dote). Please do not forget any of these items!(edited) Part 1: Wilderness Gear Setup for Range to Melee: In this gear setup we have the following items: Pink hat/team 10 cape, Amulet of glory (necklace), Polar camo top (best splashing body for pures), black dhide chaps, mithril gloves, ring of recoil (ring slot), holy book (zamorak), Dragonstone bolts (e) (ammo slot) and Rune crossbow. In the inventory we have a dragon scimitar (must complete monkey madness quest), dragon dagger p++ ( must complete lost city quest), phoenix necklaces (best multi pking necklace for healing), anti-venom (anti-dote), Red chin (use to hit multiple people in the same area), Saradomin brew (yellow potions), Super restore potions (pink potions), Stamina potions (brown potion used to restore run), Super combat potion (green potion used for the best melee stat boost), and an extra ring of recoil incase it breaks ( recoils do +1 damage to anyone who attacks you automatically). Please do not forget any of these items! Part 1: Return Tab ( All P2P items you will need to war) : In this bank step we have the following (start from the top left corner): Staff of water, ghostly robe top, ghostly robe bottom, Holy book (zamorak), Dragon scimitar, Rune crossbow, team 10 cape, pink hat, climbing boots, dragon dagger p++, phoenix necklace, amulet of glory, black d'hide chaps, mithril gloves, karmabwan (optional), dragonstone bolts (e), saradomin brew (yellow potion), super restore (pink potion), manta ray, red chin, bracelet of etherum, revenant cave teleport, stamina potion, super combat potion (green potion), ranging potion (blue potion), anti venom potion (black potion), ring of recoil, burning amulet (must have), ether ( used on the bracelet of etherum), blood runes/death runes/water runes/ and ancient staff! PLEASE COPY THIS EXACT TAB! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE 20+ SETS! WORK ON IT SO WE CAN WAR IN SEPTEMBER!. Part 2: How to properly setup your f keys: Find/Select this icon in the picture to access your f key settings (this icon is located besides your log out door): https://gyazo.com/eef44f18263ebbb59404158bbd020658(edited) Gyazo Gyazo Part 2: Continuation: Select this icon immediately after: https://gyazo.com/3c4c99a259674d127a520618fc0ce96d?token=e844b68d410d48696804effd2711d700(edited) Gyazo Gyazo Part 2: Continuation: Select this icon immediately after: https://gyazo.com/8daf01ed79a4a7abff4731e406277daf Gyazo Gyazo Part 2: Continuation: Now the F keys (key binding) has opened up. Now look for what i've selected for F1/F2/F3/F4 keys and set them to the same as mine! https://gyazo.com/4595e3e8c3907b1ab2a718fbfe077e5c?token=f7cbe331e3860bf08e5f2906f7cc7b30 Gyazo Gyazo Part 2: End Result: You can now press f1 key to spec, f2 key to go to your bag, f3 key to select your prayers and f4 key to go to your spell book! Please please use your F Keys! if you don't use your F Keys while pking you will miss out on blocking damage that could be avoidable!!!!!! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/592522567839907859/592524221175955458/SL1Gzvr.png Checkout Runelite+ Client for PVP tools. These help a lot with clanning, finding piles, bridding, etc. Special Forces How to setup RunelitePlus for clanning Download Link https://openosrs.com/home War Calling Indicators This plugin will show your caller on the minimap, and you can add targets these will appear in a different color. Clan Man Mode Will highlight your clanmembers Freeze Timers You will now know when you are unfrozen...
  2. As i stated i would be posting a FULL training guide with pictures included as to how to train your pure and what steps you should do first! With every account you'll ever own you always want to start off with questing. Its one of those things you must do in order to complete your account. You should never miss out on questing as you may miss out on seriously good xp! The quest list for pures only that you should all complete are within this picture posted below! Please train 70-75 combat only for now!(edited) https://gyazo.com/2e3cc6f64cf1499cb2ae3e9816fc4a0c?token=3299a914fb0e9dbc987dcf193b56efb7 Gyazo Gyazo After you have quested these quested out it will unlock: Ancient spell book, Mithril gloves, Nightmare zone training, avas accumlator, holy book and Dragon scimitar. The list looks like alot but most people have a good majority of these completed to get near 40 attack anyways. Spend your time questing! USE THIS YOUTUBER FOR QUEST GUIDES: https://www.youtube.com/user/slayermusiq1 Part 2: Melee training: After questing you will have unlocked Nightmarezone, if you wish to skip past the questing posted to do all at once and want to know the 5 quests to complete for the best monsters in nightmarezone these are the following: 1) lost city, 2) Mountain daughter 3) waterfall quest, 4) fight arena, 5) vampire slayer are the most recommended quests to do. Nightmarezone zone that allows you to afk train while gaining the best xp. The higher your prayer bonuses and pray level is the longer you last. Our clan recommendation is to get 52 prayer but have at least 43 pray. (Please do not attempt to do Nightmarezone without at least 70-75strength, stay at sandcrabs).Nightmarezone does not require prayer to train but its highly recommended that you do!. Please make sure that if you do train at nightmarezone (nmz) that you have 60 attack. To set yourself up at nightmarezone you will need to do 2 things. 1) Gear up, 2) watch the video. 1)(edited) In this gear setup they're a few things i recommend if you're rich and a few things i can recommend if you're on the poor side. To gain the BEST XP you will obviously want to gear on the rich side. The poor gear setup will look something like the image above. This picture includes: Regen bracelet, Climbing boots, warrior ring, holy book (horror of the deep quest), any cloak, any mitre and a dragon sword. If you cannot afford a regen bracelet worth approx (2.4m 07) you can use a combat bracelet. This is not the best gear setup but it will do the job to get you decent xp per hour! In the inventory we have: Super restore potions (pink) and super combat potions (green) with coins and a granite maul for spec when inside nightmarezone. In this gear setup there is only 1 recommendation i can give and that would be if you plan to train strength needing faster xp per hour with this gear setup or the gear setup above this, you'll be using a dragon scimitar instead of a dragon sword. As i've stated, do not do monkey madness as we're going to have a set day to do so soon so that people don't get defence xp like noobs. This picture includes: Regen bracelet, Berserker ring (imbued) dragon sword, strength amulet, any mitre, fire cape, holy book (horror from the deep). This gear setup costs approx 5m 07. In the inventory we have the exact same items as above for the same reasons as stated. In this gear setup, we have the same gear as above but with a slight difference in the inventory. The black potions in the image above are called Overloads. Overloads costs (1,200 points) from the nightmarezone shop. Overloads boost your melee stats significantly and wears off every 5minutes so expect to click your next potion! As you will see, every time you kill monsters in nightmarezone you will gain a certain amount of points and after you die in nightmarezone from either afking for too long or out of super restore potions you will be told how much points you have gained. Overloads are by far the best potions in nightmarezone and is highly recommended anytime you're using nightmarezone for training melee! Also, the points you recieve in nightmarezone can go towards alot of good valueable things to help you train such as Imbue (upgrades) for rings for better bonuses and/or herb boxes to balance out GP losses from all the potions you'll be using!(edited) https://gyazo.com/2ea3545fafb1f27ff82ac2859fab4d3e Gyazo Gyazo (To use this method you must have rock cake). In this gear setup, we have the same gear as we do above with a slight difference in the inventory. The light grey potion is called Asborptions which are similar to using super restore potions but instead you drink these potions to absorb damage. These potions will cost you 1,000 points per dosage! and are used if you have alot of points already from nightmarezone training! This method can save you alot of gold but may not get you the best xp you're looking for! please click this link to know what these potions do for you here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Absorption(edited) Old School RuneScape Wiki Absorption Absorption is a potion from the Nightmare Zone minigame, costing 1,000 reward points per dose. It can only be used while in the Nightmare Zone. Drinking the potion causes the next 50 damage inflicted on the player to be absorbed, preventing the player from taking damage. Each... Part 3: Range training: The best thing to do if you're 75 range+ is to find yourself a nice comfy spot to train. My Recommendation in my guide to all of you is to utilize nightmarezone if you're not willing to chin your range xp! if you're chinning your range xp ignore this method unless you have completed Monkey madness. If you have completed Monkey madness and you try to go to ape toll, you will be asked to claim a reward and will gain 39 Defence no matter what. https://gyazo.com/e5b4fc253e7c75b15a9ec439760feea0 Gyazo Gyazo In this gear setup, we have your basic nightmarezone ranging gear to train in (you can use the same setup without super ranging potions from nightmarezone at sandcrabs). This is highly recommended and is somewhat cheap to buy. In this picture we have: Monk robe top, archer ring, black dhide vambraces, toxic blow pipe fully charged with over 16,000 zulrah scales + 7k mithril darts (max buy limit in ge for darts) with an avas acummlator, coif and amulet of glory! this gear setup costs around 10m 07! in the inventory we have the blue potion which is called super ranging potion (bought from nightmarezone with points) or you can use standard ranging potions from the grand exchange if you do not have points acquired! We also have super restore potions and/or absorbption potions if you wish to cheap out! You should be using this gear setup from 75 range to 99 range if you wish to avoid chinning! if you're not able to acquire 10m 07 in gear your best bet is to ignore buying an archer ring and just stick with the blow pipe. Its not that much more xp with archer ring but its highly recommended as you can imbue it later on for way better bonuses/xp!(edited) https://gyazo.com/efc13fe8b9a38dab99efeb60271c737f Gyazo Gyazo In this gear setup, this likely means you're on the poorer side of runescape and are looking to not spend alot of gold. This image includes a dorge crossbow, bone bolts, black dhide vambraces, climbing boots, archer ring, holy book (horror from the deep quest), amulet of glory, avas accumlator and coif! archer's ring is optional but recommended! In the inventory we have ranging potion and lobsters! Amulet of fury (worth 2.4m if you can afford it) is also a better recommendation then a glory for range only. This setup is used for sandcrabs only.(edited) 2) The Step by Step Video: Here's a complete summary of what exactly to do in nightmarezone! This youtuber has everything i've stated in a summarized setting for all of you! shout out to this man! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UijtyHMSY3s(edited) YouTube Theoatrix OSRS Theoatrix's Nightmare Zone Guide (OSRS) Part 4: Training Mage: The best way to train magic efficiently is to download an auto clicking script to high alch whatever item you choose. [55 magic is required]. I've always used Maple long bow (u) noted (guarenteed gp loss) but other people do research into other items to make profit or to break even its really up to you on how anal you want to go about your gp losses. To get the automatic download click this link: https://www.garyshood.com/rsclient/ Don't worry its a safe link. In order to use this script, you simple set an interval time for each click depending on your ping it'll vary on how many seconds or milli-seconds you choose. I recommend 2 seconds 0 milliseconds for much more accurate clicks. Question: Can you get banned? Answer: Yes, if you decide to be a greedy bitch and not use this script properly you will get banned. Please refrain from doing 6-8 hours a day auto clicking and maybe try spreading out your magic gains throughout a week. I personally do it very off and on 2 hours here, 2 hours there. Please note: STAY AWAY FROM CROWDED AREAS, use your house to keep yourself secluded away from everyone in case you disconnect mid-way or your pet hits your mouse over night and screws your clicks up! People do report often so this is the best way to refrain from getting reported. Please setup your inventory to line up with your high alch clicks on the item you are alching. Picture will be presented below!(edited) Auto Clicker and Auto Typer Portable and free auto typer and auto clicker for Windows and Linux. 60 Att Melee training gear for sand crabs or ammonite crabs(edited) 75 Att Melee training gear for sand crabs / ammonite crabs Range training gear for sand crabs / ammonite crabs 3 spot ammonite crab locations(edited) Secret 4 spot sand crab location added cost/hr to use each weapon (with avas)
  3. As many of you do not know recently jagex is planning to sending a selection of pure/main clan leaders to fix the community. I was able to find some time to send my proposition on why i should be selected to fly for free to England to discuss matters in the pure community and this is exactly what i sent! There's a numerous amount of change that needs to happen in order for this game to keep and grow its player base. The list of many is as follows: [1] 1 to 20defence capped wilderness PVP world discussion: Alot of pure clans have problems with clans bringing mains so if a world like this was implemented most clans would likely use them if they were done properly and not complain about not having them accessible. [2] Defence xp lamp reductions: Alot of clan members always for some reason complete the monkey madness quest with trying to get back to ape toll to chin or burst their stats and accidentally get the defence xp without any formal ingame warning. A change in the way the monkey madness quest is rewarded would make a significant impact on retaining pure accounts. [3] Clanchat changes: having multiple tabs included in the clanchat you join ingame E.G adding a pvm tab for people to join for pvming within the same clanchat etc. [4] Allowing players to use third-party clients or upgrading current clients to fix clanning needs without getting banned for using. [5] player-killing: becoming more remote with spreading rev drop rares to more than 1 monster in a different multi spot and/or making revenants move around the wilderness spreading the action across the entire game instead of 1 cave 1 spot mentality. [6] Introduce better advertisements for the game and allowing ingame advertisements e.g [Advertisement bots or adding a better recruitment platform to the game]. [major discussion]. [7] Jagex cup discussions: Adding a pure only competitive need to the community. As a Full-time leader and the most known Runescape clan player in the game, the reason i want the jagex team to pick me from others is for all the time i've spent trying to make Runescape clanning what it is today. On average I bring in nearly 500 pures alone to the clanning world each year and have done 100's of hours each week in accomplishing that goal that i'm very proud about each year. Over the past 14 years, i have dedicated to the role of giving up on playing the actual game to sacrificing all my time in growing the pure clanning player base by hand-recruiting [asking players in-game to join my clan], coaching/teaching players on a volunteer basis about how to mechanically play the game with the best advice about how to train effectively and not waste valuable time while trying to become a great asset to the clan. The position as a leader is no part-time job with having to put out a schedule each week to keep the players satisfied and keeping the clan scene going its a must that action be created. Starting all of this from the beginning of my clanning career at the age of 12 and now being 25 feeling old enough at the age of 20 to build my own pure clan from nothing and competing against some of the major clans today has been an accomplishment that most doubted. I've dedicated my 14 consecutive years without stopping to pure clanning and to be the voice of the voiceless, to introduce new players into the game and teaching them how to become a valuable member in either my clan or the past clans I've been in. With 1,000's of people behind me, supporting me, willing to sign petitions, pushing me to make this application has driven me farther than I've ever expected. To put everything i have going on in my real life on the line to introduce a better platform for the runescape community at a meeting with the jagex team would be nothing but an honor. I'm extremely pleased to have the opportunity to convince the jagex team that I care about deeply that i am the person you should invest your money in flying me out to the Headquarters to hear the voices I bring with me. In the past, I considered flying out myself to deal with these issues in the pure community that we face at runefest at some point in the early parts of 2014-2015. But with the cost being so high from Canada to England i could not make the effort in doing so with no guarantee in being able to reach a jagex HQ employee about these issues. This opportunity will really make me feel accomplished with all i have given to this game and i'm sitting here at 3:03am eastern time discussing these matters. If you want the vast majority of suggestions from the pure clanning community then i'm the person that the jagex team needs to sit down with and listen too. Its a one time deal so let's do it. I'm looking forward in being selected to discuss formally.
  4.  Make sure to check out the weekly-training-competition! sign up! 

  5. Special Forces Official Ranking System Lots of people do ask from time to time how to become a rank and what we look for and this is how our system works. Recruit [2 Banana's] to Member [3 Banana's] Anytime a person is verified by our ranks from the #verification channel on discord they're given a recruit rank in which allows the recruit to know when events are and be able to see all the channels in our discord. In order to move to member rank, the rank team watches the person's activity ingame to determine their eligibility to be given the rank. A few trips a week is more then enough for us to give a person the bump up. Most of the time the ranks give themselves a 2 week period to determine the recruit's eligibility. Member [3 Banana's] to Experienced [Bronze star] In order to go from a member rank to an experienced rank we have a requirement. Those requirements is as follows: You must have 94 magic [Desert treasure completed] with at least 1 90 stat in either strength or range with a minimum of 60 attack with 43 prayer+ . You must pass a wilderness clanning knowledge test which includes a scenario that you will have to solve ( a rank will go over this with you while you're in your testing phase). You must have a forum account with us on this site and be able to pass our clan's return test in both mage gear setup and range to melee gear setup. All gear setups are in the discord under #wildy-war-guide and you have to pass the test in order to be considered in a maximum of 3 attempts. If you fail all 3 attempts in both gear setups you will have to wait a 1 month period before being considered for this rank. In order to be fully considered you will have to have a decent attendance on our trips or small pk trips and have completed at least 3-5 clanwars hybrid fights with me (control pker) or any of the ranks (teoe,art vandelay,edjez,hi im ragger etc). We always take attendance during our scheduled wars and we generally keep tabs on everyone that joins. Do your best to join in on all scheduled events! Oldschool [Bronze Star] in order to get this rank you must have a proven track record of 1 year+ in SF previously. All the old-school guys from back in the day will automatically be given this rank. ( If anyone ever wonders why they can't get this rank). Elite (Silver Star+) In order to get this rank what we look for is someone who is willing to give us 100% into helping grow the clan some of the major tasks are: recruiting, helping during trips (making sure people know the cc/making sure people know our location in cc/ making sure people are behaving on a regular basis when you're online in cc/discord). I would highly recommend messaging me on discord to get a more information.
  6. Forums are being worked on, but for normal usage it's up and ready to be used! 


  7. I will be starting up a mini team with all of the people in SF discord. IF you're getting maxed out as a pure, and have max gear you're more then welcome to come. I will add in Tank tests and Inners when we have the people in order to gain the best practice for minis. These Mini's will be in p2p so hopefully everyone is down to come out and support. It'll be worth your time and effort! I promise! There will be No Set time for minis, just come by the discord and hangout with us so we know when you're online. Try to idle in "SF PUB" it won't be packed at all, just use it to idle when you're online.

  9. Special Forces Is Officially Closing. Sadly, this clan can't continue anymore. The action we have right now is glued towards clanwars and P2P Sundays. Our performance in p2p is unstoppable but the lack of people coming to our practice sessions is very poor. The amount of people who show up to practice is not enough to improve our clanwars battles. However, People in this clan feel that stepping down from their rank in the leadership is going to make the clan continue. Sadly, we have been very stressed out to the max because we want to compete in the clanwars scene and after losing those ranks who help alot in that department are no longer wanting to continue their ride in Special Forces. In the long run, we were a very dominant wilderness clan but the wilderness action we get is the only thing we're good at, with that being said theirs not enough action for us to remain a p2p only wilderness clan. Sadly, the core members of this clan are the only ones who really try very hard to be here but since we don't perform the way we should and our attitude when we lose is what puts us further away from becoming a happy clan. Inners was the only event that could improve us in the clan, and the pull / people who showed up were only the same guys, the same core. Another huge issue is we have a split community, We have community in which people will only attend p2p events and some of those who join p2p events only like wilderness. We also have another part of our community who really love clanwars, raids and anything to help them gain money to continue that but don't like to join our p2p events because its either too easy or its a dead wildy that specific day. SF isn't the way it was made out to be and never expected a rank structure to break like this. With this being said, I hope you respect our decision but i will be retiring from this clan scene based on this information. I hope you guys respect our decision and please if you need any help joining another clan message me on discord and i will sit down with you to help you. Have a Great Eastern Weekend. Pm me on Discord For Details on what i'll be doing for the time being.


  12. The Rematch from last week's prep, be there :)


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