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My Message to Jagex Regarding pure clanning

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As many of you do not know recently jagex is planning to sending a selection of pure/main clan leaders to fix the community. 

I was able to find some time to send my proposition on why i should be selected to fly for free to England to discuss matters in the pure community and this is exactly what i sent! 


There's a numerous amount of change that needs to happen in order for this game to keep and grow its player base. 

The list of many is as follows: 

[1] 1 to 20defence capped wilderness PVP world discussion: Alot of pure clans have problems with clans bringing mains so if a world like this was implemented most clans would likely use them if they were done properly and not complain about not having them accessible.

 [2] Defence xp lamp reductions: Alot of clan members always for some reason complete the monkey madness quest with trying to get back to ape toll to chin or burst their stats and accidentally get the defence xp without any formal ingame warning. A change in the way the monkey madness quest is rewarded would make a significant impact on retaining pure accounts. 

[3] Clanchat changes: having multiple tabs included in the clanchat you join ingame E.G adding a pvm tab for people to join for pvming within the same clanchat etc. 

[4] Allowing players to use third-party clients or upgrading current clients to fix clanning needs without getting banned for using. 

[5] player-killing: becoming more remote with spreading rev drop rares to more than 1 monster in a different multi spot and/or making revenants move around the wilderness spreading the action across the entire game instead of 1 cave 1 spot mentality. 

[6] Introduce better advertisements for the game and allowing ingame advertisements e.g [Advertisement bots or adding a better recruitment platform to the game]. [major discussion].

[7] Jagex cup discussions: Adding a pure only competitive need to the community.

As a Full-time leader and the most known Runescape clan player in the game, the reason i want the jagex team to pick me from others is for all the time i've spent trying to make Runescape clanning what it is today. On average I bring in nearly 500 pures alone to the clanning world each year and have done 100's of hours each week in accomplishing that goal that i'm very proud about each year. Over the past 14 years, i have dedicated to the role of giving up on playing the actual game to sacrificing all my time in growing the pure clanning player base by hand-recruiting [asking players in-game to join my clan], coaching/teaching players on a volunteer basis about how to mechanically play the game with the best advice about how to train effectively and not waste valuable time while trying to become a great asset to the clan. The position as a leader is no part-time job with having to put out a schedule each week to keep the players satisfied and keeping the clan scene going its a must that action be created. Starting all of this from the beginning of my clanning career at the age of 12 and now being 25 feeling old enough at the age of 20 to build my own pure clan from nothing and competing against some of the major clans today has been an accomplishment that most doubted. I've dedicated my 14 consecutive years without stopping to pure clanning and to be the voice of the voiceless, to introduce new players into the game and teaching them how to become a valuable member in either my clan or the past clans I've been in. With 1,000's of people behind me, supporting me, willing to sign petitions, pushing me to make this application has driven me farther than I've ever expected. To put everything i have going on in my real life on the line to introduce a better platform for the runescape community at a meeting with the jagex team would be nothing but an honor. I'm extremely pleased to have the opportunity to convince the jagex team that I care about deeply that i am the person you should invest your money in flying me out to the Headquarters to hear the voices I bring with me.

In the past, I considered flying out myself to deal with these issues in the pure community that we face at runefest at some point in the early parts of 2014-2015. But with the cost being so high from Canada to England i could not make the effort in doing so with no guarantee in being able to reach a jagex HQ employee about these issues. This opportunity will really make me feel accomplished with all i have given to this game and i'm sitting here at 3:03am eastern time discussing these matters. If you want the vast majority of suggestions from the pure clanning community then i'm the person that the jagex team needs to sit down with and listen too. Its a one time deal so let's do it. I'm looking forward in being selected to discuss formally. 

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